A Week At The Paintshop Hostel

A week at the Paintshop Hostel is never dull- there’s always something to do. 
Take a look at our overview of a week in the life of the Paintshop.

Can You Handle A Week At The Paintshop ?

  • Monday Pizza Party

    Monday night is Pizza Night – Bellissimo!  We prepare the fresh dough and our signature sauce and you get stuck in rolling out and creating your own pizzas with the variety of toppings on offer. We then bake your homemade pizzas in our outdoor wood-fired pizza oven while you relax with a drink in the courtyard. All this plus a delicious salad, slices of garlic bread and shared dessert pizza to finish for just 7 Euros per person, or included for those on Full Surf Camp.
  • Wednesday BBQ Night

    Wednesdays see us firing up the barbie and inviting you to join us in the courtyard for the evening barbecue. Leave the cooking to us and we’ll provide a selection of tasty meats, potatoes, coleslaw, bread, cheese and salads. We can rustle up fresh fish or vegetarian options too – whatever you prefer! It’s a giant feast for everyone to enjoy until the last plate is licked clean for only 7.50 Euros per person, or included for those on Full Surf Camp.
  • Friday Night Bar Crawl

    On Fridays let us escort you into town to show you where the fun is to be had. We’ll kick things off in the bar with an hour of free beer and wine and drinking games before heading into Figueira’s town centre to kick things up a gear. If you can make it til the clubs open at 4am there’s dancing to be done. 20 Euros per person including a Paintshop T-Shirt as a souvenir of a night you may not remember!
  • Paintshop Pub Quiz

    We’re prepared to throw a quiz night with shots and free drinks for the winning teams at a moment’s notice, just let us know if you’re up for it and the Quiz Master will do their thing!
  • Sunday Movie Night

    After the buzz of the weekend there’s nothing better than snuggling down on the sofas to take in a movie with your fellow guests. We’ll supply the free popcorn!

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